Courses Duration – 3 Months.


UNIT – 1

-History of media & cinema.
-what is video production.
-process of video production (Pre-Production, production, post – production)
-importance of idea generation \concept & research.

UNIT – 2

Television Production.
-Fictional programmes – soap operas, sitcoms, series, film, etc.
-Non-fictional programmes – News, talk shows, reality, documentary etc.
-P.C.R. (Production Control Room)
-Studio language & commands.

UNIT – 3

-Indian Media Scenario.
-Major electronic media houses.
-Major media brands.
-Role of a news reporter. 

UNIT – 4

World Of Journalism.
-What is a journalism.
-Principles of journalism.

UNIT – 5

-Introduction to present media.
-Main newspaper & magazines of India.
-T.V. news channel of India.
-Radio news channel of India.
-News portal of India.

UNIT – 6

-Basic of News.
-What makes news.
-Elements of news.
-Source of news.

UNIT – 7

-Investigative journalism.
-Ethical issues in journalism.