Courses Duration – 3 Months.

UNIT – 1

-History of media & cinema.
-what is video production.
-process of video production (Pre-Production, production, post – production)
-importance of idea generation \concept & research.

UNIT – 2

-Television Production.
-Fictional programmes – soap operas, sitcoms, series, film, etc.
-Non-fictional programmes – News, talk shows, reality, documentary etc.
-P.C.R. (Production Control Room)
-Studio language & commands.

UNIT – 3

-History of sound.
-Sound and hearing.
-Studio workstation, crew and equipment.
-Acoustics and room design.
-Song writing, composing and producing.

UNIT – 4

-Introduction to the recording process.
-Signal flow-routing.
-The audio production console-mixing.
-Digital audio technology.
-Midi and synchronization.

UNIT – 5

-Time based effects.